93 Commits by 3 Authors. 160 files added, 4 deleted, 14 moved.
17 August 2017
Bill main/Pie/#3286 9:35 AM
William Borman main/Pawn Shop/#3284 6:02 AM
Minor fix
William Borman main/Pawn Shop/#3283 5:57 AM
Pawn shop GUI edits
paulfacepunch main/texture updates/#3282 5:52 AM
chimney and ladder updated
William Borman main/texture updates/#3281 4:14 AM
Merge ladder edits
William Borman main/texture updates/#3280 3:51 AM
Ladder edit
William Borman main/texture updates/#3279 3:45 AM
Ladder LODs, and switch ladder code orientation to match the ladder model.
William Borman main/texture updates/#3278 3:18 AM
Fixed a couple of NREs that drug zones were throwing in this branch
William Borman main/texture updates/#3277 3:07 AM
Adjusted ladder movement and slowed down climbing up speed
William Borman main/Pawn Shop/#3276 2:14 AM
More shop UI stuff
paulfacepunch main/texture updates/#3275 2:13 AM
ladder stuff
Bill main/#58 1:10 AM
TiledSurface stuff all working ?!
William Borman main/Pawn Shop/#3274 12:08 AM
More pawn shop UI work
16 August 2017
William Borman main/Pawn Shop/#3273 11:57 PM
Working on pawn shop UI
William Borman main/Pawn Shop/#3272 11:27 PM
Pawn shop UI work, and removed public access to separate character inventories. Makes it clearer that the unified inventory is almost always the one you want to reference, and if not you can make a special method to call in Character.
William Borman main/Pawn Shop/#3271 10:21 PM
Pawn shop transaction work
Bill main/Pie/#3270 2:30 PM
Making modifications to interactables to allow for multiple actions.
William Borman main/Pawn Shop/#3269 6:01 AM
Working on selling to shops
William Borman main/Pawn Shop/#3268 5:56 AM
Rename mission instance
William Borman main/Pawn Shop/#3267 4:52 AM
Merge from Main
William Borman main/#3266 4:02 AM
Merge into main for item code refactor. See the big changelist on changeset #3261.
William Borman main/Item Management/#3265 3:59 AM
More fixes. Everything tested and seemingly OK now.
Bill main/Pie/#3264 1:57 AM
Pie menu integration
Bill main/#57 1:54 AM
Roof, overhang, ceiling, floor, almost working correctly
15 August 2017
William Borman main/Item Management/#3263 11:54 PM
Minor fix
William Borman main/Item Management/#3262 11:46 PM
Testing and fixing bugs in item stuff. Moved multi-item stack creation method from ItemEx to the main ItemManager.
William Borman main/Item Management/#3261 5:43 AM
Various refactoring to alleviate issues with items and ItemContainers. Still needs proper testing so this commit likely has bugs. Includes: - Added differentiation between TAKING from ItemContainer and FINDING (getting info) in inventory. - Fixed: ItemContainer's Find method was removing inventory items if the stack had to be split. - Added protection for items containing more than maxAmount or less than 1. - Fixed: Guns allowed items with 0 amount, where nothing else allowed below 1. - New helper methods in ItemEx for consolidating items into stacks. - New helper method in ItemEx for creating any amount of an item, respecting maxAmount and creating multiple if needed. - Added warning in ItemManager if CreateItem is called with an amount > maxAmount, causing the amount to be clamped. - Removed old methods in Item that did nothing or were unused.
William Borman main/Pawn Shop/#3260 3:15 AM
More minor shop stuff
William Borman main/Pawn Shop/#3259 3:14 AM
Minor shop commit, working on something else
14 August 2017
paulfacepunch main/texture updates/#3258 9:01 PM
updates WIP
Bill main/#3257 5:35 PM
Pie menu, basically functional
Bill main/#3256 4:16 PM
Got the basics in for a pie menu
William Borman main/Pawn Shop/#3255 3:08 AM
Pawn shop work
13 August 2017
William Borman main/#3254 11:48 PM
Fixed nav arrow butting in when it shouldn't be
William Borman main/#3253 10:43 PM
Adjusted vehicle LOD settings a little bit
12 August 2017
Bill main/#56 2:13 PM
Got version1 of roofs, floors, ceilings, overhangs...
11 August 2017
Bill main/#3250 3:15 PM
Adjusted trees and LODs
William Borman main/#3249 5:25 AM
Adjusted NPC ladder position
William Borman main/#3248 5:06 AM
Disable ladder debug
William Borman main/texture updates/#3247 3:43 AM
Merge ladder updates into Paul's branch
William Borman main/#3246 3:16 AM
Merge in updated ladder work (and client vis fix)
William Borman main/NPCLadders/#3245 3:15 AM
Ladders auto-generating their info
10 August 2017
William Borman main/NPCLadders/#3244 11:32 PM
NPCs walk on/off ladders instead of sliding
William Borman main/NPCLadders/#3243 9:54 PM
Not ladder related. Fixed some issues with character client visibility calc that I noticed.
William Borman main/NPCLadders/#3242 5:48 AM
NPCs on ladders really working quite well
William Borman main/NPCLadders/#3241 4:53 AM
Ladder movement improved again
William Borman main/NPCLadders/#3240 4:40 AM
Even more NPC ladder magic
William Borman main/NPCLadders/#3239 3:52 AM
NPC ladder use continues to improve...
William Borman main/NPCLadders/#3238 3:04 AM
Increased ladder magic
William Borman main/NPCLadders/#3237 2:21 AM
Some basic NPC ladder climbing
9 August 2017
William Borman main/NPCLadders/#3236 6:01 AM
Early work on NPCs using ladders
William Borman main/#3235 5:55 AM
Cherry-pick merge ladders branch into Main
William Borman main/texture updates/#3234 5:23 AM
Merge ladders into Paul's branch
William Borman main/texture updates/#3233 4:46 AM
Made ladder checks a sphere instead of a ray, so you can "hang" on a ladder while aiming around
William Borman main/texture updates/#3232 4:43 AM
Basically just stopped character walk animations when they're on a ladder. Good enough for the moment
William Borman main/texture updates/#3231 3:51 AM
Updated comments
William Borman main/texture updates/#3230 3:51 AM
Changed my mind about ladder controls. Instead of looking up/down and pressing forward to go up/down the ladder, player presses forward to go up and back to go down, regardless of view angle.
William Borman main/texture updates/#3229 3:41 AM
Ladder work. Easier to hop on.
William Borman main/texture updates/#3228 3:09 AM
Ladder movement edit
William Borman main/texture updates/#3227 3:05 AM
More ladder work
William Borman main/texture updates/#3226 1:07 AM
Ladder improvements. Vertical ladders can be climbed down. Sloped ladders not yet
8 August 2017
William Borman main/texture updates/#3225 10:17 PM
Facilitated getting off ladders at the top
William Borman main/texture updates/#3224 5:28 AM
Basic implementation of ladders
William Borman main/#3223 1:10 AM
Decouples scary events from crime events, placing scary locations into a restored NPC shared knowledge object. Now cops shooting can be scary too!
7 August 2017
paulfacepunch main/#3222 9:19 PM
definition updated
paulfacepunch main/#3221 8:51 PM
lods updated
paulfacepunch main/#3220 7:24 PM
pawnshop for Bill2
William Borman main/#3219 5:01 AM
No NPC aim inaccuracy when facing player to buy drugs.
William Borman main/#3218 4:41 AM
AI look angle rotation limit
William Borman main/#3217 3:25 AM
NPC name labels stop checking for show/hide when character is not visible to player
William Borman main/#3216 3:05 AM
Don't play NPC "got money" FX when they're not visible.
William Borman main/#3215 2:21 AM
Turn off What's New
4 August 2017
William Borman main/#3214 4:52 AM
Tracked down why pausing the client and unpausing after a bit would cause the pool's ItemsInUse to increase massively. It was a bug in the Facepunch.System pool implementation itself, so I've updated the code and created a new DLL, plus submitted a pull request on GitHub with the fix.
3 August 2017
paulfacepunch main/texture updates/#3213 10:39 PM
updates WIP
William Borman main/#3212 5:36 AM
CharacterRole refactor into a Strategy pattern. See CharacterRole.cs.
William Borman main/#3211 12:46 AM
Minor edit, save latest motor state after AdjustPresentState
William Borman main/#3210 12:24 AM
Tracked down why server/client states didn't get back in sync properly anymore. One line fix as always...
2 August 2017
William Borman main/#3209 3:14 AM
Fix client issue
William Borman main/#3208 2:35 AM
Merge AI updates
paulfacepunch main/texture updates/#3207 2:13 AM
broken window WIP
William Borman main/AILocationAvoid/#3206 1:18 AM
Better location avoidance, but paths can still go through avoided locations. Wonder if we can do something like a custom nav area per NPC so they can avoid different crime zones they know about.
William Borman main/AILocationAvoid/#3205 12:47 AM
Somewhat unrelated work, resetting nav area costs correctly.
William Borman main/AILocationAvoid/#3204 12:19 AM
AI avoiding locations they're afraid of
1 August 2017
William Borman main/#3203 10:28 PM
Shuffling things around
William Borman main/#3202 4:51 AM
Using Ritter's bounding sphere algorithm to include all crime points that overlap the NPC's location when calculating where to flee
William Borman main/#3201 3:40 AM
NPCs now take all crime locations they are in range of into account, and flee from the closest one. Although getting a vector away from all they're in range of may be better.
William Borman main/#3200 3:29 AM
More crime flee work, taking the crime's radius into account
William Borman main/#3199 3:16 AM
Better crime fleeing
William Borman main/#3198 2:29 AM
Fixed pedestrians not running from crimes in Bill's updated crime system.
Bill main/#55 1:56 AM
Buildings, Instancing.