64 Commits by 3 Authors. 82 files added, 2 deleted, 0 moved.
11 December 2017
William Borman
Fix another map object call to animator before it was initialized /bots
Fixed "Animator is not playing an AnimatorController" warnings that were causes by making calls to the animator before it had had time to initialize. /bots
Added a prison island to testmap_smaller /bots
Added a debug mode that spawns straight into the zombie game and allows for having only one player /bots
8 December 2017
Fuck this shit
Compile fix
Please fucking work
Please fix
Logging some stuff to find error
NRE serialize fix
NRE fix attempt
changed convar
Moved some HUD elements.
Fix for NPC
ZDamage fix
7 December 2017
Added convar to control game starting, tweaks.
New weapons, new footsteps
Game mode adjustments
NPCs move into the circle if they aren't in it.
Potential NRE fix
redo spawner change
Undone prev change
Hopefully finally fixed join NRE. Adjusted spawner.
6 December 2017
Spawner fix
spawn fix
Hopefully fixed steam problem, spawning and loading error
Throwing an exeption to catch error
Spawner fix
Death text fix
Spawn fuckups
error fix
Added a new base bame start system.
UI hookup
Unspawning seems to work
5 December 2017
glass bottle / pipe viewmodel / worldmodel prefabs and sounds (pt2)
glass bottle / pipe viewmodel / worldmodel prefabs and sounds
Attempting to force error
Keeping the game going forever for testing.
First un spawn test
4 December 2017
testing some fixes
Testing spawn changes.
Game mode update, getting ready for respawn at place of death
Fixed spectate cam cycling other players
1 December 2017
Few bugs, door sounds
Countdown fixes
Final fixes?