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24 May 2018
William Borman
Merge from Main/Network Bandwidth
OK, stats UIs are done.
No server UI on listen server please
Disable warnings
Fix bootstrap bug on listen server
Merge my network stats stuff into Main
Editor-only stats UI for the server. Got network output stats working./Network Bandwidth
Stats stats stats/Network Bandwidth
NetworkInfo doesn't need so much server content now that server has no GUI. Left some in for listen servers/Network Bandwidth
Before working on network improvements, revamped the network stats, getting rid of all the tricky calls to RakNet internals and encapsulating them in a NetworkStats class. Just check .Stats on NetworkClient or NetworkServer/Network Bandwidth
22 May 2018
William Borman
Remove unused method
Oops, off by a factor of 10
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
Slightly more conservative value
Interpolator tweaks
Interpolation clock tweaks
Trying a way simpler VariableInterpolationClock implementation. Let's see how jittery it is on the real server.
Changed title screen text back to WiseGuys (from "Plan Z")
Event changes/CNR
Events work merge
Minor stuff/GameModeFeatures
Events work, refactoring/cleanup/GameModeFeatures
Bill Ford
Fixed player label in HUD for clients.
possible NRE fix
decreased length for testing
Added some loot prefab for CNR game mode
21 May 2018
William Borman
Make Client/Server separate work/GameModeFeatures
Grab Bill's stuff/GameModeFeatures
Merge in my events work
Crime events all working/GameModeFeatures
Mostly events work. Merge to Main.
Crime events work/GameModeFeatures
Fixes, mainly extra checks to stop NREs when quitting in editor due to the unpredictable order everything gets destroyed in./GameModeFeatures
Fix some event bugs. Remove WeakEvent due to a couple of issues./GameModeFeatures
Fixin' bugs/GameModeFeatures
Crime events for characters+ other tweaks/GameModeFeatures
Merge the latest from Main into my branch/GameModeFeatures
Removed welfaremanager and welfare payment support. This is something that can be integrated into a specific game mode rather than being a general feature./GameModeFeatures
Bill Ford
Changed signature of the death event, robbers now have 3 lives./CNR
More refactoring, handling disconnections./CNR
CNR tidied some stuff up with the game mode/CNR
20 May 2018
Bill Ford
Moved a few things around, added a way of rendering stuff in the editor window with a camera.
18 May 2018
Bill Ford
Fixing some issues with dropped items not being in sync./Carryable
Entities know if they're being carried and who's doing the carrying. Starting dropping./Carryable
Carryables get parented to the right bone with an offset on client/Carryable
Moved some code around. Handling picking on client better too./Carryable
Added the basics for carryable entities/Carryable
William Borman
Merge my branch into main
Major overhaul where I try to clean up some singletons, especially NetSCSingleton and MonoSCSingleton which were trying to be singletons and also handle the fact that listen servers would have two copies - one for the server side, and one for the client. I've now managed to remove those classes entirely. All shared managers etc that are per-level, like CharacterManager and ItemManager, instead of being singletons, are now referenced via the NetworkPeer object in the same way that NetworkUserManager etc are (though note they may not exist right away when NetworkPeer is created). Thus a lot of server/client checking code has been removed and replaced with simple NetworkPeer or NetworkClient/NetworkServer references./GameModeFeatures
texel mods
import texture settings reduced
17 May 2018
Bill Ford
Fix for Networking SpawnQueue fuckup
Removed trash
Fixed server NRE
Added a quick label and NPCs
Remove the crime dependency for now.
Fixed timer issues
Fixed wrong end game message
Update player types
Build error fix
More fixes. Character now stores information about who killed them, also used in the prevcharacterinfo class.
Few more UI fixes, start and end message can now be customised per game mode.
Various little game mode UI fixes.
William Borman
Game modes can decide if they support shops or not. Also added some standard colour definitions to keep things consistent through the project./GameModeFeatures
Merge: Finish off removing the hack on UI text. Make it work nicely with the new system.
Finish off removing the hack on UI text. Make it work nicely with the new system./GameModeFeatures
Merge from Main/GameModeFeatures
16 May 2018
Bill Ford
Just needs testing now.../BuildingNetworkFix
Fixed some UI errors etc.
Most of the game mode seems to be working.
Added basic game starting criteria
William Borman
Trigger stop call
Changed NetworkGameMode start/end triggers to ScriptableObjects per Bill F's suggestion
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
Minor fix
Merge in my branch. Lots of changes around the place, but the main addition that's noticeable is that NetworkGameMode implementations can utilise four new virtual character location-based methods: OnCharacterBuildingUnitEnter, OnCharacterBuildingUnitExit, OnCharacterSellZoneEnter, OnCharacterSellZoneExit.
Added comment/GameModeEvents
Fix for buildings with no units/GameModeEvents
More character event stuff/GameModeEvents
15 May 2018
William Borman
Fixed location event bugs/GameModeEvents
Simplified NetworkGameMode creation events. Decided AutoFiringEvent was trying too hard to be clever/GameModeEvents
Fix events/GameModeEvents
Moving character events around/GameModeEvents
Can get NumListeners from your weak ref event/GameModeEvents
Game modes now have character events available to override. Added a WeakEvent class for memory leak safety./GameModeEvents
Oops, removing my debug changes/GameModeEvents
Removed pool checking for CharacterState and CharacterMotorState, since Bill F's changes mean they're no longer pooled./GameModeEvents
Use the dll interpolator class in the main project. No need to have two instances of the same thing - they'd already got slightly out of sync./GameModeEvents
Bill Ford
Re added the notification stuff/BuildingNetworkFix
Base for new game mode
Fixed path bug
Map changes/MapChanges
moved game modes
Cherrypicking CS
14 May 2018
Bill Ford
Moved some more stuff around./BuildingNetworkFix
Removed and converted some messages/BuildingNetworkFix
Encapsulating networkentity field/BuildingNetworkFix
More cleanup/BuildingNetworkFix
BuildingUnit is now a networkentity/BuildingNetworkFix
Tiding up some of the building networking code./BuildingNetworkFix
William Borman
BigInfoText uses the new characters events/GameModeEvents
Merge in from Main/GameModeEvents
Character events work in progress/GameModeEvents
11 May 2018
Bill Ford
Lot drawing
Tidied stair and window glitches
Merging KOTH map update
Updated layout/SerializerUpdate/Interpolation/KOTH
Cleaner tools
William Borman
Working on some event stuff for game modes, but ended up doing a bunch of other fixes and things along the way. Only committing some of what I've done here so this is probably a commit with errors./GameModeEvents
10 May 2018
Bill Ford
Sorting out alignment / resizing issues
Lot adjustment done at placement time.
Checking a lower tickrate
Updated lot to work from prefabs
Updated tools
9 May 2018
Bill Ford
Fixed build errors
trying a quick build
spawn vehicle fix/SerializerUpdate/Interpolation
spawn vehicle updated/SerializerUpdate/Interpolation
states working properly again/SerializerUpdate/Interpolation
State validation/SerializerUpdate/Interpolation
Unfinished characterstate work/SerializerUpdate/Interpolation
8 May 2018
Bill Ford
Characer state/SerializerUpdate/Interpolation
Starting new KOTH map/SerializerUpdate/Interpolation/KOTH
Updated plugins, fixed a serialization bug./SerializerUpdate/Interpolation
7 May 2018
Bill Ford
Using Unity SVG stuff to show map overview.
Updated editor tool
4 May 2018
Bill Ford
Fixed a few issues with car states./SerializerUpdate/Interpolation
Vehicle state sync now using new serialization. There are bugs./SerializerUpdate/Interpolation
3 May 2018
Bill Ford
Plugins update/SerializerUpdate/Interpolation
Converted health, added a updateserialzation method/SerializerUpdate
More serialization conversion/SerializerUpdate
ignoring some unneeded stuff/SerializerUpdate
Converted more serialization stuff/SerializerUpdate
2 May 2018
Bill Ford
More states/SerializerUpdate
Created vehicle states/SerializerUpdate
Moved statequeue and interpolation/SerializerUpdate
Added System stuff to plugins, set up references./SerializerUpdate
Removed old junk system plugins folder/SerializerUpdate
William Borman
Weapon stats adjust
Clearing crimes correctly after a criminal dies
NPCs/bots so bad at handling punch/recoil, I've turned it back off for them.
Give NPCs and bots the same view punch + recoil us humans have to deal with
Fixed some issues with criminal character assignment
Oops, didn't mean to commit my KotH score change
Set a server framerate cap of 120, to avoid bugs like the one we had in the future. Max SetDirty sends per second for each object will equal the server FPS cap
Handle the fact that server doesn't actually serialize if there's no-one connected. Stop it trying to SetDirty all the time in that situation. +bugfix
Fix the NetworkGameMode score hack with a different hack that won't generate tons of data. It was thinking that the score changed every update tick
Let convar set target fps on server, for testing
Networking issue: Trying a framerate limit
1 May 2018
William Borman
KotH map back to normal
Networking issue: KotH map blank
Zombie groans return. All character types can now have custom prefabs if they like
Networking issue: More testing again
Networking issue: More testing
Networking issue: Remove KotH serialization for testing.
Different stats again
Networking issue: More/different stats
Gun stat adjust
Punch: Update current before target
Better, simpler, framerate-independent eye view punch
Remove unused var
Allow setting target framerates more easily. Fix the way VSync was set.
Reduce weapon recoil a little
Removed NPCs from default game mode
Network issue testing: Adding some additional diagnostic info