132 Commits by 3 Authors. 1,027 files added, 335 deleted, 102 moved.
18 October 2017
William Borman main/game_changes/#3710 4:11 AM
Fixed mission payout info bug
William Borman main/game_changes/#3709 4:07 AM
Minor rename
William Borman main/game_changes/#3708 4:07 AM
Modified the mission system so everything is set up when the mission is first created. No more trying to keep up with item assignments changing, finding new targets etc.
William Borman main/game_changes/#3707 3:54 AM
Mission task work
William Borman main/game_changes/#3706 3:10 AM
Nav arrow for gang missions
William Borman main/game_changes/#3705 1:56 AM
Let arrow point to received stuff in the gang safe. Don't end the receive task until someone's picked up all of it.
William Borman main/game_changes/#3704 1:16 AM
Wording improvement
William Borman main/game_changes/#3703 1:08 AM
Gang mission data gets copied to client in combined C+S mode
William Borman main/game_changes/#3702 12:55 AM
Select mission gangs randomly again
William Borman main/game_changes/#3701 12:43 AM
Fixes, UI, etc for missions
17 October 2017
Bill main/#3700 11:36 PM
Phone almost ready to use voice.
William Borman main/game_changes/#3699 10:08 PM
Gang mission work
gooseman main/#3698 4:10 PM
gangster models / prefabs
Bill main/#3697 12:37 PM
Some phone fixes.
William Borman main/game_changes/#3696 4:57 AM
Gang mission fixes and UI work
William Borman main/game_changes/#3695 4:32 AM
Get gang mission user
William Borman main/game_changes/#3694 4:17 AM
Formatting only
William Borman main/game_changes/#3693 4:15 AM
Add safe contents to gang inventory change event
William Borman main/game_changes/#3692 4:10 AM
Gang HQ safes try to spawn on the first floor
William Borman main/game_changes/#3691 3:52 AM
Safes face the right way (towards the center of the room)
William Borman main/game_changes/#3690 3:41 AM
A safe spawns in gang buildings, though it can be hard to find...
William Borman main/game_changes/#3689 3:05 AM
Gang mission stuff
William Borman main/game_changes/#3688 1:36 AM
Classic Unity null overriding fix
16 October 2017
William Borman main/game_changes/#3687 11:00 PM
Mission reward edit
William Borman main/game_changes/#3686 10:49 PM
Destroy gang mission package when the mission is over
William Borman main/game_changes/#3685 10:48 PM
Gang mission tasks set up
Bill main/#3684 8:43 PM
Should be properly merged now...
Bill main/game_changes/#3683 3:40 PM
#if CLIENT'd some UI code
Bill main/#3682 3:05 PM
undone merge, something fucked up
Bill main/#3681 2:23 PM
merging changes so far
Bill main/game_changes/#3680 2:06 PM
merging phone stuff
Bill main/game_changes/Phone_Item/#3679 2:05 PM
Bill main/game_changes/Phone_Item/#3678 12:19 PM
Renamed class, closing ui ends a call, you can no longer call yourself, stopped dial sound when not dialing.
Bill main/game_changes/Phone_Item/#3677 10:53 AM
William Borman main/game_changes/#3676 4:48 AM
All payphone missions working again with the refactored mission system
William Borman main/game_changes/#3675 3:16 AM
Refactoring the mission system to allow the extra nuance gang missions need. Tasks can now have certain parameters set that are ScriptableObjects themselves, which simplifies the number of different task types we'll need.
15 October 2017
Bill main/game_changes/Phone_Item/#3674 1:32 PM
Phone sounds
14 October 2017
Bill main/game_changes/Phone_Item/#3673 4:57 PM
Fixed map close on M
Bill main/game_changes/Phone_Item/#3672 4:22 PM
Phone serialization and client and server error fixes.
13 October 2017
Bill main/game_changes/Phone_Item/#3671 4:47 PM
Bill main/game_changes/Phone_Item/#3670 1:17 PM
Bill main/game_changes/Phone_Item/#3669 9:52 AM
William Borman main/game_changes/#3668 3:29 AM
William Borman main/game_changes/#3667 3:05 AM
William Borman main/game_changes/#3666 3:04 AM
Delivery mission task work
William Borman main/game_changes/#3665 1:27 AM
Simplified - Decided missions don't actually need to know about THE package, and just knowing about the definition rather than the instance is enough. If missions end up with multiple packages, they can be different types (or the code can be updated).
William Borman main/game_changes/#3664 1:18 AM
Shared context mission work
William Borman main/game_changes/#3663 12:27 AM
Improved some mission parameter stuff
12 October 2017
William Borman main/game_changes/#3662 10:46 PM
Bug fixes and stuff
William Borman main/game_changes/#3661 10:17 PM
Making item receive task able to drop items into gang safes and so on
Bill main/game_changes/Phone_Item/#3660 9:41 PM
Bill main/game_changes/Phone_Item/#3659 9:40 PM
Phone can kind of send messages to another phone now.
Bill main/game_changes/Phone_Item/#3658 2:49 PM
Phone progress
William Borman main/game_changes/#3657 4:36 AM
Gang missions
William Borman main/game_changes/#3656 3:51 AM
More work on gang mission stuff. Non-functional at present
William Borman main/game_changes/#3655 2:26 AM
Starting on how the gang missions will be created and work with each other
William Borman main/game_changes/#3654 1:52 AM
Just adding notes about missions sort of as a plan
11 October 2017
William Borman main/game_changes/#3653 11:16 PM
Item drop task.
William Borman main/game_changes/#3652 10:09 PM
Working on gang mission tasks
Bill main/game_changes/Phone_Item/#3651 4:18 PM
Phone almost ready to start to make calls.
Bill main/game_changes/Phone_Item/#3650 12:28 PM
Changed the way the fists icon works.
William Borman main/game_changes/#3649 3:05 AM
Better events system for gang missions
William Borman main/game_changes/#3648 2:17 AM
Gangs fully implement IMissionUser and sync mission info to clients.
10 October 2017
Bill main/game_changes/Phone_Item/#3647 4:26 PM
Trying to hook phones up.
Bill main/game_changes/Phone_Item/#3646 1:42 PM
Phone item linking
William Borman main/game_changes/#3645 4:30 AM
Refactored the mission system to support multiple players attempting the same mission. Gangs will be IMissionUsers (like players are for individual missions), with every member of the gang considered a mission runner.
William Borman main/game_changes/#3644 2:59 AM
Gang mission system initial commit
William Borman main/game_changes/#3643 1:46 AM
Moved mission payphone stuff into a sub-component of the mission manager
William Borman main/game_changes/#3642 1:01 AM
Removed hole cutters on boarded windows since I kept getting invisibly shot through them
William Borman main/game_changes/#3641 12:31 AM
Fixed RPC ordering issue causing gang drug sell zones to not show up anymore
9 October 2017
Bill main/game_changes/#3640 11:21 PM
William Borman main/game_changes/#3639 10:40 PM
Fix NRE on client when new players spawn into gang building, due to sync delays. Also set gang colours on gang spawn lots
William Borman main/game_changes/#3638 10:18 PM
Better door interaction
William Borman main/game_changes/#3637 9:52 PM
Fixed door damage bug on client
William Borman main/game_changes/#3636 8:53 PM
Added missing #SERVER flag to cellphone
William Borman main/game_changes/#3635 8:06 PM
Moved a door in the new gang building. Two doors had overlapping interaction areas which would sometimes cause the wrong one to interact.
Bill main/game_changes/#3634 4:22 PM
cell phone
Bill main/game_changes/#3633 3:17 PM
Bill main/game_changes/#3632 10:06 AM
Cellphone mockup
William Borman main/game_changes/#3631 5:01 AM
Remove ability to take over gang houses. Can still take over personal units.
William Borman main/game_changes/#3630 4:12 AM
Fixed door hitbox issues
William Borman main/game_changes/#3629 3:04 AM
Removed gang Founder references since they're created at startup now with no founder.
William Borman main/game_changes/#3628 2:46 AM
Set gang leader as owner on gang buildings
William Borman main/game_changes/#3627 2:17 AM
Gangs can exist with no leader now, some minor edits to support that
William Borman main/game_changes/#3626 1:35 AM
Server/client fix for debug gang creation
William Borman main/game_changes/#3625 1:16 AM
Adding spawning in the new type of gang buildings
William Borman main/game_changes/#3624 1:14 AM
Gang buildings on testmap_smaller
8 October 2017
William Borman main/game_changes/#3623 11:21 PM
Auto-create a debug gang and join it if there aren't any gangs, so test maps etc can still be used
William Borman main/game_changes/#3622 10:49 PM
Grey out gang selection buttons when the gangs don't exist, instead of erroring out
William Borman main/game_changes/#3621 9:12 PM
Disable What's New
William Borman main/game_changes/#3620 8:51 PM
Renamed MissionInstance to AvailableMission to improve clarity
6 October 2017
Bill main/game_changes/#3619 3:21 PM
Gangs don't get dissolved any more, joining is force, you can't leave any more.
William Borman main/game_changes/#3618 3:34 AM
Fixed ladder code. My changes to support multi-part ladders evidently got accidentally lost in the mega-merge on changeset #3425.
William Borman main/game_changes/#3617 2:33 AM
Disabled mission character glow for now to remove the "outline ghost" issue
William Borman main/game_changes/#3616 2:08 AM
Fixed double send of mission data. Apparently when a coroutine is started, the reference to it doesn't actually become null until the next frame. Who knew? Also added an outline renderer prevention against double adds.
William Borman main/game_changes/#3615 12:53 AM
Added an unrelated missing #if CLIENT flag
William Borman main/game_changes/#3614 12:52 AM
Added missing #if SERVER flag
William Borman main/game_changes/#3613 12:34 AM
Mission payout edit
William Borman main/game_changes/#3612 12:21 AM
Item rename so there aren't two different things both called "Table"
5 October 2017
William Borman main/game_changes/#3611 10:46 PM
Made mission payouts clearer
William Borman main/game_changes/#3610 8:51 PM
Fixed delivery missions paying extra
William Borman main/game_changes/#3609 3:38 AM
Merge bugfix
William Borman main/#3608 3:36 AM
NPC vis fix
William Borman main/#3607 3:34 AM
Fixed playtest InfoMessage bug reported by Ryleigh.
William Borman main/game_changes/#3606 3:08 AM
Fixed proxy characters flicking out of view when standing in doorways, but I had to add an extra raycast per character.
William Borman main/game_changes/#3605 2:31 AM
Merge my character refactor changes
William Borman main/game_changes/#3604 2:14 AM
Merging character refactor changes
William Borman main/#3603 1:53 AM
Merge minor Character cleanup to trunk
William Borman main/CharacterCleanup/#3602 1:10 AM
Fix for error if player gets a welfare notification right as they die.
William Borman main/CharacterCleanup/#3601 1:07 AM
NPC inventory no longer needs to sync to clients at all. I needed to change how ammo is sourced so that the item doesn't need to be created for the HeldItem - it's now just a prefab reference on the HeldItem gun, which will lose support for using multiple ammo types in the same gun, but we don't do that anyway.
4 October 2017
William Borman main/CharacterCleanup/#3600 11:25 PM
NPC work
Bill main/game_changes/#3599 2:27 PM
Removed ability to create gang. Removed ability to create emblem.
Bill main/game_changes/#3598 1:32 PM
Added map grid ref overlay
Bill main/#3597 12:50 PM
Reverting new changes that have been moved to the branch.
Bill main/game_changes/#3596 12:34 PM
William Borman main/CharacterCleanup/#3594 4:20 AM
Merge in the latest from Main.
William Borman main/CharacterCleanup/#3593 4:15 AM
Fixed player damage not working
William Borman main/CharacterCleanup/#3592 2:48 AM
Fixed ordering issue on vehicle exit, which causes item icons to not update correctly
William Borman main/CharacterCleanup/#3591 2:14 AM
A lot of changes here, but the main task completed is that a character's UnifiedInventory now only resides in the owner client and server, and not in the proxy.
3 October 2017
Bill main/#3590 4:00 PM
Gang buildings are no longer spawned randomly.
Bill main/#3589 2:56 PM
Gang hq. Gang buildings will spawn differently.
William Borman main/CharacterCleanup/#3588 2:31 AM
Doing the same thing to inputs - Moving from the base Character to the server and owner, removing references from proxy.
William Borman main/CharacterCleanup/#3587 2:00 AM
Continuing to refactor things out of the general character into more specific sub-areas. Motor this time.
Bill main/Map_HEM_Update/#102 1:19 AM
Nicer street gen but still some gaps and errors
2 October 2017
William Borman main/CharacterCleanup/#3586 10:04 PM
Moved Eyes
Bill main/Map_HEM_Update/#101 9:59 PM
Street Detection
William Borman main/CharacterCleanup/#3585 9:42 PM
Proxy players don't need inventory at all, only server and owner do. Removing inventory from proxys.
Bill main/Map_HEM_Update/#100 12:01 PM
Roads spawn prefabs
William Borman main/InventoryEdit/CharacterRefactorIdea/#3584 2:43 AM
William Borman main/InventoryEdit/CharacterRefactorIdea/#3583 2:43 AM
Various refactoring
1 October 2017
William Borman main/InventoryEdit/CharacterRefactorIdea/#3582 10:42 PM
Experimenting with Character interfaces