116 Commits by 2 Authors. 312 files added, 105 deleted, 39 moved.
21 February 2018
William Borman
Working on character death/respawn/Network_Refactor
Get things working on listen server/Network_Refactor
Better hit masks/Network_Refactor
Fixed motor ending up in the wrong scene, which was also meaning NPC damage didn't work/Network_Refactor
20 February 2018
William Borman
General stuff, fixing bugs, mostly ordering issues./Network_Refactor
More magic/Network_Refactor
Smooth movement for proxy characters - actually better than the old system./Network_Refactor
Clean up errors when in #CLIENT only/Network_Refactor
NPCs move/Network_Refactor
Working on NPCs and bugs./Network_Refactor
Improved entity observer stuff/Network_Refactor
19 February 2018
William Borman
Fixed NPC type ScriptableObject, which wasn't updating the asset properly from the custom editor./Network_Refactor
Working on NPCManager and NPCs/Network_Refactor
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
Note about testing the mission watching methods if/when missions return/Network_Refactor
- Changed mission global observer system to one that only affects the mission runners - NPC manager stuff/Network_Refactor
Mission observer changes/Network_Refactor
Fixed itemcontainerentity/Network_Refactor
Added support to filter out raycasts results from the wrong domain./Network_Refactor
16 February 2018
few tweaks and fixes/Network_Refactor
Deleted some old code/Network_Refactor
William Borman
Change load order so city stuff that's spawning can use the managers./Network_Refactor
Remove debug print/Network_Refactor
Spawn points work again + some other work./Network_Refactor
Movin' stuff/Network_Refactor
Working on per-level scripting stuff. Looks like lots of changes but a lot of it is renaming./Network_Refactor
15 February 2018
Fixed gun issues stemming from itemcontainer deserialization/Network_Refactor
Fixed problems with helditem spawning/Network_Refactor
William Borman
ItemManager and everything that uses it converted to the new ServerClientSingleton. HeldItems not showing up anymore, need to work out why. You can use ItemManagerClient or ItemManagerServer calls if you KNOW method calls will be be server or client origin specifically. If you're not sure which it'll be called from, methods in the base class let you pass an isServer bool./Network_Refactor
Reducing the server/client split singleton types to one for simplicity. This should be enough for now at least. In summary: - The old singleton types are fine if you're only going to have one even in listen server mode - If you're going to have one on client and another of the same type on server, use ServerClientSingleton/Network_Refactor
Singleton edit/Network_Refactor
New singleton classes that support two copies of the same singleton on listen servers, one for server and one for client./Network_Refactor
14 February 2018
William Borman
Minor refactoring/Network_Refactor
Minor fix/Network_Refactor
Fixing up errors in C/S only modes. Unfortunately means a few #if defines are back in for now./Network_Refactor
Revert my serialization changes to health and belt as they seemed to break things. Not sure why yet./Network_Refactor
More stuff. Things a bit broken right now/Network_Refactor
Character state send (see Character.Server changes). Still need to update it to not use the ProtoBuf-based CharacterState object./Network_Refactor
Moe conversion. Belt seems to be broken in particular. I can send 236 bytes out and only get 2 bytes back. Not serializing to ItemContainer sub-entity maybe?/Network_Refactor
Conversion work/Network_Refactor
Needed #defines/Network_Refactor
ItemManager returns/Network_Refactor
Remove my bug test/Network_Refactor
Helditem spawn fix/Network_Refactor
Collision masking for twin entities./Network_Refactor
Fixed some deserialization errors./Network_Refactor
Quick dirty fix./Network_Refactor
13 February 2018
William Borman
Rename method/Network_Refactor
Temporary crash tester/Network_Refactor
Character interface stuff/Network_Refactor
Needed to add some #if SERVER flags around serializing to remove errors when in Client-only mode. We may be able to remove these later. Also fixed a bug in SingleUserInteractableEntity./Network_Refactor
Character still has a bunch to do but not kinda works. You can walk around. Switching the default spawn to character instead of spectator./Network_Refactor
Character conversion work. See notes above 'Action subLateUpdate' in Character.cs for more info./Network_Refactor
Connection token provider./Network_Refactor
Fixed some door bugs/Network_Refactor
Buildings work/Network_Refactor
12 February 2018
Ported the rest of the serialization methods. all untested./Network_Refactor
Converted HeldItem/Network_Refactor
Converted HeldItem/Network_Refactor
Converted PlayableCharacterInventory/Network_Refactor
Converted PlayerBelt (untested)/Network_Refactor
Undone some item serialization/Network_Refactor
William Borman
Actually revert that commit for now because it breaks things in client/server only modes./Network_Refactor
More character conversion work/Network_Refactor
- Work on Character, not completed yet - Moved NetworkEntity back out of its (accidental?) sub-folder, fixing all the missing NetworkEntity references in the project - Took some stuff out of GameModeUniversal that's now loaded separately by Bill's system/Network_Refactor
9 February 2018
William Borman
Add the csproj files for the new code generator. I think these were missed because Plastic was set to ignore *.csproj files, but the code gen won't run without them. I've stolen these from the test project./Network_Refactor
Fixed Owner init ordering issue/Network_Refactor
Ported NetworkEntityBehaviour methods, except for the old Serialize/Deserialize./Network_Refactor
8 February 2018
WorldTime boostrap, Item network message handlers./Network_Refactor
Registering message handlers/Network_Refactor
Removed NetworkMessage, Converted all old NetworkMessages to new format./Network_Refactor
William Borman
Ported NetworkUser, SpectatorPlayer, and the connect command in the console./Network_Refactor
7 February 2018
item serialization updated/Network_Refactor
NetworkMessages changed/Network_Refactor
Updated plugins/Network_Refactor
Added some files that didn't get checked in properly/Network_Refactor
6 February 2018
Client bootstrapping/Network_Refactor
Server setup and bootstrapping/Network_Refactor
Only a few errors left/Network_Refactor
Added files that didn't get checked in/Network_Refactor
5 February 2018
Shit loads more error fixes/Network_Refactor
More fixes/Network_Refactor
Fixed a shit load of the easy errors/Network_Refactor
rd1 of compile errors fixed/Network_Refactor
Folder nuke/Network_Refactor
fixed compile errors/Network_Refactor
William Borman
Merge in my changes/Network_Refactor
Fixing bugs and potential bugs
Merging in Character reference cleanup branch
Minor fixes, cleaning up/Character References Cleanup
Comments only/Character References Cleanup
4 February 2018
William Borman
Map icon. Moved a method/Character References Cleanup
Tried to remove the Character ref from Criminal but it's just not going to work easily. Here's some more minor stuff instead./Character References Cleanup
2 February 2018
William Borman
Removed character ref from welfare./Character References Cleanup
Fixed player ragdoll "MakeStatic", which hadn't actually been firing/Character References Cleanup
Player ragdoll conversion/Character References Cleanup
Fixed vehicle wreckage bugs/Character References Cleanup
General stuff. Fix trade tables and item transfer being broken/Character References Cleanup
1 February 2018
William Borman
Removed ICharacterInventory entirely. Can now simply use an IContainer/Character References Cleanup
Now compiling/Character References Cleanup
Working on glorious ItemContainer simplifying revolution. A few compiler errors remaining here/Character References Cleanup
Removin' more character refs/Character References Cleanup
More conversion to remove character refs/Character References Cleanup
Spectating fix/Character References Cleanup
Testing and fixing some bugs/Character References Cleanup
Minor error fix/Character References Cleanup
Making spectators a character type was a mess. Too many places where something wants a character, but only if it's a real physical character and NOT a spectator. Separated them but gave them a common base interface as well./Character References Cleanup