110 Commits by 3 Authors. 320 files added, 54 deleted, 60 moved.
16 August 2018
William Borman
Lots of fussing around with checkpoints. Also added a new vehicle checkpoint for the end point, that vehicles will need to reach./RacingGameMode
Bill Ford
Some fixes for dependency use./network dependencies
15 August 2018
William Borman
Split Whacky Races into client/server/RacingGameMode
Merge in the latest from Main/RacingGameMode
Fulfill the two players per vehicle requirement/RacingGameMode
Fallback for maps with no buildings/RacingGameMode
Spawning players with a car, in a parking lot/RacingGameMode
Bill Ford
Spawn in vehicle error fix?
removed logs
Possible NRE spawn fix v2
Testing a fix for spawn NRE
14 August 2018
William Borman
New file/RacingGameMode
Merge in from Main/RacingGameMode
Fixed broken score display for score-based game types
Merge game mode refactor into Main. Spawn-related methods are now in a separate interface, somewhat decluttering game mode classes.
Conversion complete for all game modes/GameModeSplit
Let's use interfaces for both/GameModeSplit
Network game modes are getting pretty full of stuff. Trying splitting some of it out. WIP/GameModeSplit
13 August 2018
William Borman
Minor edits/RacingGameMode
Some changes to auto checkpoint generation. Try to find some tall buildings to go up - but not every time. Fixed a bugs in the free space finder as well./RacingGameMode
Random race checkpoint generation/RacingGameMode
Sceneeditor visuals/RacingGameMode
Custom editor stuff/RacingGameMode
Checkpoint ordering stuff for predefined checkpoints. Will support random checkpoints as well./RacingGameMode
12 August 2018
William Borman
Class rename/RacingGameMode
11 August 2018
Bill Ford
Tidy up/overspawn
10 August 2018
Bill Ford
Completely removing overspawns ????/overspawn
Fixed tracers
Fixed NRE when weapon switching.
Entities now maintain a list of new observers. We can know determine better if an entity is spawned on a client.
William Borman
Safes spawn in weapon pickup buildings. Modified building free space finder to not need units/RacingGameMode
Working on weapon pickups, signs, stuff/RacingGameMode
Added small and large empty lots to act as starting points for race mode. Added missing map icon for road ends as well./RacingGameMode
9 August 2018
William Borman
Checkpoint building edit/RacingGameMode
Minor edit/RacingGameMode
Remove/comment game mode list on networklevels as it's currently unused/RacingGameMode
Game mode work/RacingGameMode
Checkpoint object spawns/RacingGameMode
Mark special lot types more clearly. + Initial start to race game mode itself./RacingGameMode
Park tile edit/RacingGameMode
New race checkpoint building and sign + racetrack edits/RacingGameMode
8 August 2018
William Borman
Updated vehicle physics/RacingGameMode
Race map/RacingGameMode
Tweaking things. Increased car top speed a bit/RacingGameMode
Road corner still had apocalypse trash on. Disabled./RacingGameMode
Racetrack level work + merge from Main/RacingGameMode
File didn't add
Only show the spectator switch info when there's actually someone else to switch to
Racetrack map initial commit/RacingGameMode
Merge from Main into race mode branch/RacingGameMode
Bill Ford
RPCs now send a hash.
Merging, need to test a build.
Removed logs/Snapshot ID
Using list for faster iteration/Snapshot ID
forgot to hook up reference/Snapshot ID
Added an overspawn counter to performance ui./Snapshot ID
./Snapshot ID
Fix./Snapshot ID
Merge/Snapshot ID
7 August 2018
Bill Ford
Quick test
Testing performance
Trying to limit chat spam
Some optimisations to item drops.
Entities use a hashed assetid
William Borman
Remove game mode colour curves setting since it's no longer used.
Reduce max show killer time a bit
New 99 bots game mode for testing
Bugfix for setting building unit owner
When building unit owner is set, if the user entity hasn't come through yet, register and wait for it, then set it when it comes through.
6 August 2018
William Borman
Just a little proof-of-concept. Tell the client when we've finished initial sync of global and nearby NetworkEntities, to allow for cross-referencing between them without a chance of some not yet being there. Anything on the client could register to BaseNetworkMessageType.InitialSyncComplete to get the message./ClientSyncTest
Bill Ford
Removed 800+ draw calls per frame due to fucking motion vectors.
Matt Isaac
lightened up lod are of leaves texture and set material to use tga instead of psd. tweaked bark tint colour in material a bit to blend better with leaves
5 August 2018
William Borman
UI edit
Emblem UI edits
Added support for tem emblems in the HUD. Added to some game modes.
4 August 2018
William Borman
Minor game mode edit
Matt Isaac
Rebuilt foliage. Switched to amplify shader, merged materials and textures to reduce draw calls
updated foliage textures, materials and shaders. rebuilt shader in amplify shader editor. merged materials and textures and built shadow lod./Probuilder
3 August 2018
Bill Ford
ID/Snapshot ID
cherry pick
Removed motion vectors from a bunch of stuff./Snapshot ID
IDs for snapshots/Snapshot ID
William Borman
Increase times a little for death cam
Merging death cam and spectator branch back into main
Map ally exit/DeathCam&Spectating
Fixed character label text colours while you don't have a character/DeathCam&Spectating
Arguably better solution for spectate overlay UI/DeathCam&Spectating
Improving things.../DeathCam&Spectating
Some UI stuff, but not very happy with this solution./DeathCam&Spectating
Work on adding UI stuff. Not complete./DeathCam&Spectating
2 August 2018
Bill Ford
Bug fix
William Borman
Death cam magic/DeathCam&Spectating
Fix ordering issues when starting to spectate/DeathCam&Spectating
Fix death cam not stopping properly on respawn/DeathCam&Spectating
If a player respawns while we're in vantage point mode, automatically retarget to them/DeathCam&Spectating
Death cam work. This is more of a spectating overhaul that'll make spectating work better, and let the death cam and spectator share its code. May even be able to remove the whole spectator character type as most code is ported to the camera itself./DeathCam&Spectating
1 August 2018
Bill Ford
All old proto code gone that can be gone.
More deleting old proto code
Converting some proto over.
William Borman
Spectate targets have a callback for target lost. Implemented the callback in a couple places
Fix the build!! And some other death cam stuff
Death cam shows an ally if it can't show killer and there are allies around. Doesn't let you change who you're viewing or handle the ally's death properly though - need to integrate with the full spectate cam I think.
Made sure game mode respawn times always long enough for the kill cam
Camera work etc